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Departments and Consultants

Action uro-Gyne Centre

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Uma Rani Swain ConsultantMBBS, MD

Ano-Rectal Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Asheesh Sharma ConsultantMBBS; MD
Dr. Sandeep Kumar ConsultantMBBS, MS

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Subhash Aggarwal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, FIAGES

Breast Specialty Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. (Mrs) Seema Patni Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. (Mrs) Sunita Kaushik Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery)
Dr. Subhash Aggarwal ConsultantMBBS, MS, FIAGES

Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Nishant Ranjan ConsultantMBBS, MS, Fellowship in CTVS
Dr. S.K. Jain Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh, FRCS


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Amar Singhal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM, FACC, FSCAI
Dr. Sanjeev Aggarwal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM
Dr. Shekhar Kashyap Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM (Cardiology)

Child Asthma, Allergy & Chest Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa ConsultantMBBS, DCH, DNB

Child Development Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Ashish Sahani Senior ConsultantMBBS, DCH, DNB

Clinical Psychology

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Prachi ConsultantMPHIL, PHD
Mrs. Pallavi Joshi ConsultantB.A, M.A. (PSYCHOLOGY)

Dental Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Puneet Ahuja Senior ConsultantBDS, MDS, DNB (AIIMS)


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Nipun Jain ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. Vijay Singhal Junior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr.Yashodhara Sharma Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD

Diabetes Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Shalini Jaggi Senior ConsultantMBBS, ADHA, Fellowship in Diabetology

Diabetic Foot Care

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. G. S. Bisht ConsultantMBBS, Clinical Prog. In Podiatry
Dr. Vivek Aggarwal ConsultantDr. Vivek Aggarwal

Dietery Counseling

NameDesignation Qualification
Dietician Senior Dietician

Endocrine Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Vivek Aggarwal ConsultantMBBS, MS, Mch


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Arun Kumar ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Jayant Jaiswal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, DNB
Dr. K. S. Nagpal ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. R. K. Jasuja Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Rohit Vishnoi ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Subhash Chander Kakkar ConsultantMBBS, MS, DNB, Dip. in Otolaryngology
Dr. Virender Singh ConsultantMBBS, MS

Gastroenterology & Hepatology

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Monika Jain Senior ConsultantMBBS,MD(Medicine),DM(Gastro)
Dr.Pradeep Siddappa Sr. ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM (Gastro)
G.S. Lamba Senior ConsultantMBBS,MD(Medicine),DM(Gastro)

General Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Asheesh Sharma ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Manoj Kumar Khurana ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Rajesh Valeja ConsultantMBBS, MS, FMAS
Dr. Rajiv Bansal ConsultantMBBS, MS,FIAGES,FMAS
Dr. S. K. Abrol Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, MAMC
Dr. Sandeep Kumar Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Subhash Aggarwal ConsultantMBBS, MS, FIAGES
Dr. Vijender Gaur Junior ConsultantMBBS, MS(General Surgery)


NameDesignation Qualification
 Dr. Ekta Sharma ConsultantMBBS, MS
 Dr. Meenakshi Bansal Junior ConsultantMBBS, MS
 Dr. Nidhi Khera ConsultantMBBS, MD
 Dr. Renu Gupta Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
 Dr. Ruby Sehra ConsultantMBBS, MD
 Dr. S.K.Das Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
 Dr. Sadhna Singhal ConsultantMBBS, DGO, DNB
 Dr. Sonia Madaan ConsultantMBBS, DGO, DNB
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Internal Medicine

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Arvind K. Agarwal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. Deepak Gupta Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. H. K. Singh Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. Manisha Arora Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, MRCP(UK), DGM(UK)
Dr. Narender Kumar Junior ConsultantMBBS, DNB, MNAMS
Dr. Niren Kumar Garg Junior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. Raman Kumar Sharma ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. Sudhish Sehra Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. Vikas Sharma Junior ConsultantMBBS DNB

Interventional Radiology

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Ashwin Garg ConsultantMBBS, DMRD, DNB
Dr. Rupinder Singh Baweja Associate ConsultantMBBS,MD(Radio Diagnosis), DM(Neuro Radiology)

Joint Replacement & Sports Injury Centre

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Alok Gupta ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Ashok Goel Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS (Orth), FRCS (Ed,UK), MCh (Orth,Liverpool), FRCS (Orth,London)

Kidney Transplant and Dialysis Centre

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. R.K.Saxena Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, DNB

Laproscopic GI, GI Cancer, Bariartic & Minimal Acc

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Pankaj Sharma Senior ConsultantMBBS(1992), MS-General Surgery(1997)
Dr. Pradeep Joshi ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh (GI Surgery)
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Jain Chief of Laproscopic GI, GI Cancer, Bariartic & MiMBBS(1985), MS-General Surgery(1990), M.Ch-Gastroenterology Surgery(1996)
Dr. Vivek Goel ConsultantMBBS(1996), MS-General Surgery(2001)

Medical Genetics Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr.Hemlata Wadhwani Bhatia ConsultantM.B.B.S., D.C.H., M.I.A.P., Fellowship in Medical Genetics

Naturopathy Lifestyle Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Anjali Sharma ConsultantBNYS, MSc Applied Psychology , FCLR


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM, DNB
Dr. Umesh C. Nautiyal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM, DNB
Dr. Yogesh Kr Chhabra ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM

Neuro Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Munish K. Aggarwal Senior ConsultantMBBS,MS-General Surgery, M.Ch – Neuro Surgery
Dr. Prakash Khatri ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh
Dr. Prashant Kr Chaudhary Associate ConsultantMBBS, MS, Mch
Dr. Raj Kumar Raj ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Ramandeep S. Dang ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh
Prof. (Dr.) I. C. Premsagar Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, Mch


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Rajul Aggarwal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM
Dr. Sandhya Koche Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DM

Occupational Therapy

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Richa Kapoor ConsultantB.Oth, M.Oth (Ortho)

Oculoplasty Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Raj Anand ConsultantMBBS, MS


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. K. C. Gupta Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Nipin Garg Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS-Opthalmology
Dr. Priya Dua Honorary ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Reena Aggarwal ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. S.S. Gupta ConsultantMBBS, MS


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Ravi Mohan Bagga Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Sandeep Bhalla ConsultantMBBS, MS
Dr. Sumit Garg ConsultantMBBS, DNB
Dr. Suneel Kumar Senior ConsultantMBBS, FRCS(Glasgow), MCh(Ortho, Liverpool)
Dr. Yogesh Gupta Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS

Paediatric Cardiology

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Mridul Aggarwal ConsultantMBBS,MD(Pediatrics), FNB(Pediatric Cardiology)
Dr. Neeraj Aggarwal ConsultantMBBS,MD-Pediatrics, Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology

Paediatric hemato oncology

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Ushma Singh Senior ConsultantMBBS DNB (paeds) IAP Fellowship in Paeds Hemato Oncology

Paediatric Intensivist

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Maneesh Kumar ConsultantMBBS, MD (Paeds)
Dr. Pardeep Kumar Sharma Sr. IntensivistMBBS, MD (Paeds), IAP Fellowship in Paed critical care

Paediatric Nephrology

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr Amit Agarwal ConsultantMBBS, MD (Paeds), Fellowship in Paeds Nephro

Paediatric Neurology

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. (Prof.) Anita Sharma Senior ConsultantMBBS; MD-Paediatrics; DM-Paediatric Neurology

Paediatric Obesity

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Lalit Mohan Kaushik ConsultantMBBS, DCH, PG Certificate in Diabetology

Paediatric opthalmology and strabismus

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Amit Singhal Courtesy Consultant

Paediatric Pulmonologist

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Jasmeet Kaur Wadhwa ConsultantMBBS, DCH, DNB

Paediatric Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Anand Singh Kushwaha ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Ashish Sahani ConsultantMBBS, DNB, DCH
Dr. Deepak Guha Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. G. K. Agarwal ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. R. D. Srivastava Senior ConsultantMBBS, DCH, MD
Dr. Rohit Goyal Junior ConsultantMBBS; DNB-Paediatrics
Dr. Virender Kumar Senior ConsultantMBBS, DCH, DNB

Pain Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. G N Goyal ConsultantDr. G N Goyal
Dr. Neeraj Jain Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD

Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. (Mrs) Sunita Kaushik Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery) Specialist in Breast Cosmetic Surgery
Dr. Shishir Agrawal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, MCh (Plastic Surgery)


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Aneesh Baweja Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD
Dr. Prashant Goyal ConsultantMBBS, MD

Regenerative Orthopaedics

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Amar Sarin ConsultantMBBS, MS

Respiratory Medicine

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Animesh Arya Senior ConsultantMBBS, DTCD, MD
Dr. Anuradha Garg ConsultantMBBS, DTCD
Dr. Gyandeep Mangal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, MRCP (UK), FCCP (USA), EDARM (Europe)
Dr. Puneet Aggarwal ConsultantMBBS, MD

Retina Clinic

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Kunal Rana ConsultantMBBS, DO, DNB, FICO, Fellow in Vitreo Retina
Dr. Neeraj Sanduja Senior Courtesy Consultant MBBS, MS, Fellowship in Vitreo Retina
Dr. Prem Tanwar Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. Priyanka Kharbanda Senior ConsultantMBBS, MD, DNB

Spine Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Saurabh Rawal Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS,FNB

Thoracic & Vascular Surgery

NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. S. K. Jain Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, Mch, FRCS


NameDesignation Qualification
Dr. G. P. Sharma Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, Mch
Dr. Pawan Mehta Senior ConsultantMBBS, MS, Mch
Dr. Samir Khanna Senior Consultant

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