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images/media2016/2016hl1.jpg   Hindustan 2016
images/media2016/2016hl2.jpg   Hindustan 2016
images/media2016/2016ml1.png   Mail Today 2016
images/media2016/l16022016_1.png   India Kesari 2016
images/media2016/l16022016_3.png   Punjab Kesari 2016
images/media2016/l16022016_4.png   Aaj Samaj 2016
images/media2016/2016al1.jpg   Amar Ujala 2016
images/media2016/2016hl3.jpg   Hindustan 2016
images/media2016/2016hl4.jpg   Hindustan 2016
images/media2016/l16022016_5.png   Gurgoan Today 2016
images/media2016/l16022016_6.png   Gangaputra Times 2016
images/media2016/l16022016_7.png   Gangaputra Times 2016
images/media2016/l16022016_8.png   Dainik Jagran 2016
images/HariBhoomi1.jpg   Hari Bhoomi 2015
images/HariBhoomi2.jpg   Hari Bhoomi 2015
images/HariBhoomi3.jpg   Hari Bhoomi 2015
images/Hindustan1.jpg   Hindustan 2015
images/Hindustan2.jpg   Hindustan 2015
images/NavBharatTimes.jpg   Nav Bharat Times 2015
images/ViratVaibhav.jpg   ViratVaibhav 2015
images/Amar-ujalapg-04large.jpg   Amar Ujala 2015
images/Dainik-Bhaskar-PG--2large.jpg   Dainik Bhaskar 2015
images/Dainik-Jagran--PG--12large.jpg   Dainik Jagran 2015
images/Gangaputra-Times--PG--9large.jpg   Gangaputra-Times 2015
images/Haryana-Ki-Awaz--PG--1large.jpg   Haryana-Ki-Awaz 2015
images/India-kesari--PG--6large.jpg   India Kesri 2015
images/punjabkesari-l.jpg   Punjab Kesri 2015
images/charchitdunia-l.png   Charchit Dunia 2015
images/haribhoomi-l.jpg   Hari Bhoomi 2015
images/NavBharatTimes1.jpg   Nav Bharat Times 2015
images/MailToday.png   Mail Today 2015
images/Sarita.jpg   Sarita 2015
images/Grehshobha.jpg   Grehshobha 2015
images/Mahamedha.jpg   Mahamedha 2015
images/TheTimesOfIndia.jpg   TheTimes of India 2015
images/Jagat-Kranti-PG--9large.jpg   Jagat Kranti 2015
images/Pal-Pal-PG--6large.jpg   Pal-Pal 2015
Punjab-Kesari-PG--2large.jpg   Punjab Kesri 2015
images/Rashtriya-Sahara-PG--5large.jpg   Rashtriya-Sahara 2015
images/Savera-Times--PG---5large.jpg   Savera-Times 2015
images/navodaytimes-l.jpg   Navoday Times 2015
images/rajasthanpatrika-l.jpg   Rajasthan Patrika 2015
images/thetribune-l.jpg   The Tribune 2015
images/topstory-l.jpg   Top Story 2015
images/navbharattimes-l.jpg   Nav Bharat Times2015
images/grihalaxmi-Jan14.jpg   Grihalaxmi Jan 14
images/Grihalaxmi-L.jpg   Grihalaxmi
images/Deccan.jpg   Hindustan (Tan-Man)
images/Combating-Diabetes-L.jpg   Combating Diabetes
images/toothhache_15_oct_l.jpg   Deccan Herald, Oct 12
images/Amar-Ujala-Sep-28.jpg   Amar Ujala, Sep 28
images/cyclic-l.jpg   Mail Today, Sep 17
images/dengu-L.jpg   Hindustan Times, Sep 12
images/Hindustan.jpg   Hindustan(Anokhi), Sep 6
images/amar_ujala_L.jpg   Amar Ujala, Aug 31
images/standing_long.jpg   The Asian Age, Aug 25
images/breakfast_L.jpg   Deccan Herald, Aug 9
images/spurt_L.jpg   Mail Today, Aug 1
images/eye_black_circle_L.jpg   Vanita, Aug 13
images/holistic_l.jpg   Mail Today, July 23
images/Grihalaxmi_July_13_prob_1.jpg   Grihalaxmi, July 13(Part 1)
images/Grihalaxmi_July_13_L.jpg   Grihalaxmi, July 13
images/high_time_L.jpg   Deccan Herald, June 26
images/tongue_part2_L.jpg   The Pioneer,(Part 2)
images/nail_it.jpg   HT, June 13
images/tb_l.jpg   Business Today, June 9
images/priority-pages.pdf   2013 Issue, April-June
images/Grihalaxmi-1- may-l.jpg   Grihalaxmi, May 1
images/Grihalaxmi-13-may-l.jpg   Grihalaxmi, May 13
images/text-alert-L.jpg   The Hindu (Magazine), Apr 21
images/hindustan-times-18-apr-L.jpg   Hindustan Times, Apr 18
images/the-hindu-18-apr.jpg   The Hindu, Apr 18
images/Mail-today-apr-16-L.jpg   Mail Today, Apr 16
images/Hin-jan.jpg  Hindustan Times Jan 24
images/health-L.jpg   Mail Today
images/akeli-istri-L.jpg   Grihalaxmi
images/wellbeing-L.pdf   Deccan Herald (DH Living)
images/Hindustan (Tan-Man), Nov 30.jpg   Deccan Herald (DH Living)
images/mailtoday-nov12-L.jpg   Mail Today, Nov 12
images/fitness_mistake_l.jpg   Mail Today, Oct 15
images/Sep_29_s.jpg   Navbharat Times, Sep 29
images/mosquto_born.jpg   Outlook, Sep 30
images/dengu-18-l.jpg   Hindustan Times, Sep 17
images/Child-13-sep.jpg   Child, Sep 13
images/Doc-N-Doc_L.jpg   Doc N Doc, Aug 13
images/janamastmi.jpg   The Asian Age, Aug 28
images/story_on_heart_L.jpg   Navbharat Times, Aug 18
images/The_Man_L.jpg   The Man, Aug 13
images/wellness_L.jpg   The Pioneer, July 28
images/baby_bumb_L.jpg   Deccan Herald, July 27
images/troubling_pause_L.jpg   Hindustan Times on 14th July
images/Grihalaxmi_July_13_prob_2.jpg   Grihalaxmi, July 13(Part 2)
images/health_13_july_L.jpg   The Man, July 13
images/tongue_L.jpg   The Pioneer,June 23 (Part 1)
images/bag_health_hazard_L.jpg   Mail Today, June 25
images/Deccan_Herald_L.jpg   Deccan Herald, June 11
images/toothache_l.jpg   Life 365 (Pune) May 28
images/mail-today-7-may-l.jpg   MailToday, May 7
images/Grihalaxmi-2- may-L.jpg   Grihalaxmi, May 2
images/amar-ujala-3-may.png   Amar Ujala, May 3
images/ramayna-L.png   Hindustan Times , Apr 20
images/hindu-18-apr-L.jpg   Hindustan, Apr 18
images/apr-16-full.jpg   Jagran City, Apr 16
images/grand-shit.pdf   India Beyond, Apr 13
images/nack-l.jpg   Deccan Herald, March 23
images/Hin-Feb.jpg   Hindustan(Tan-Man), Feb 21
images/Mail-Feb-l.jpg   Mail Today, Feb 19
images/haarniya-L.jpg  Hindustan (Tan-Man)
images/winter-L.jpg  Hindustan Times
images/breast.pdf   Vanitha Magazine oct 2012
images/Teeth.pdfHindustan News Paper
images/headache.pdf   Hindustan News Paper
Navbharat TimesNavbharat Times
Mail today   Mail Today
Doc N Doc   Doc N Doc
Hindustan News PaperHindustan News Paper
Mail Today   Mail Today
Mother & BabyMother & Baby
Navbharat Times   Navbharat Times
The Times of IndiaThe Times of India
How To Reduce The Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease
What Are The Symptoms Of A Silent Heart Attack
क्‍या हॉर्ट अटैक वंशानुगत होता है।
क्‍या महिलाओं में हृदयाघात के लक्षण पुरुषों से अलग होते हैं।
साइलेंट हार्ट अटैक के क्‍या लक्षण होते हैं।
कोरोनेरी हार्ट डिजीज के खतरों को कैसे कम करें
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http://www.youtube.com/embed/z3_NiNV-ECYExpert viewson Hypertension, Delhi AajTak
http://www.youtube.com/embed/0swaUlnHib0?rel=02013 Delhi AajTak
http://www.youtube.com/embed/Azisb84acvU 2012k Delhi AajTak
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